Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bottled giggles

There are times when I wish there was a way to bottle giggles. Tonight was one of those. After dinner, we spent time in the living room as a family, singing songs like "Wheels On the Bus" and "Happy and you know it". However, the real giggles didn't come until we decided to sing "Baby Bumblebee". I don't know if it's the first time we've really sang it in front of Roman, or he was just in one of those moods, but at the end of every song, when we'd sing "OUCH, it just stung me", he would launch into a fit of the giggles. It was contagious, I was laughing, Mia and Josh were laughing and Roman just couldn't stop the wide open mouth, belly laughing, giggle. I loved it!! He would then say "MORE, MORE" and put his hands together like he was holding his bumblebee. We sang it probably 20 times, each time laughing just as much as the time before.

It is times like this that I wish we could bottle that sweet, innocent laughter. The kind that makes you smile so hard you almost want to cry. The look of joy on the kids' face during this time was just amazing. I love these moments and even in the midst of our crazy life, I want to make sure I remember these precious, joyous, belly laughing, giggling type of moments!

In a side note, I met friends for coffee this morning, although I don't think any of us had actual coffee! :) My friend, Emily, moved away awhile ago and we miss her tons, so whenever she comes in town we try to get together. This morning 5 of us got together and it was wonderful. I am constantly reminded how much I need these friends in my life. They "get it". They get kids, parenting, working, daycare, cleaning, being creative, learning, need I go on, they just get it. I felt refreshed after our chat. I love knowing that I'm in the same stage, dealing with the same craziness as so many other moms. Abbie and I are hoping to plan a mini-vacay with the big kids (Mia and Campbell) to go visit Emily and Jackson. How fun!!!

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