Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One of the things I have been trying to work on is PERSPECTIVE. There have been a number of situations lately where I have needed a change in perspective. Today was one of them. Roman is sick...again. I feel like one or more of our family has been fighting something since the beginning of November! I am over the sickies. Anyways, he is sick with a cold. He stayed home from daycare with my mom today and while acting normal you could see he was so tired. Naptime came, I got Mia settled in her room for quiet time, did prayers with Roman, laid him down and...he started screaming and crying. Now he will normally do this for 2-3 minutes, so I said "night-night" and walked out. 10 minutes later he was still crying so I went and checked on him. He was standing there crying, I laid him back down and left again. The crying continued. So I went and got him and brought him downstairs to rock him. He laid on my chest and relaxed and then started getting restless. So I took him back upstairs, laid him down and again...he started screaming. At this point I was starting to get annoyed and frustrated, I know I shouldn't have, but I had a thousand things to do in the hour and a half Mia was doing "quiet time". I had accomplished "ZERO" of the things on my list. I went back in, he grabbed his "bankie", I picked him up and he clung to me, wrapping his arms so tight, I felt my heart flutter at his need for me. I took him to our room and laid down in the bed with him. I covered him with his blankie, sang him a song and as we both drifted off to a much needed nap, I felt my perspective change. He is growing up, faster than I can believe sometimes, there will come a day when he won't me to cuddle him, or sing him to sleep. I realized my list could wait, because these moments won't. I felt a sense of peace I haven't felt in awhile. It's amazing what a little nap with a sick baby who is completely dependent on you can do for your life perception. I am so blessed to be a mom to 2 very special babies, and although I am so sad that Roman is sick today, I am thankful that I had the time to stop and enjoy him, even in these moments.

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