Thursday, October 25, 2007

12 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, we've made it to 12 weeks today! I am still in awe of how great God is and the miracle that is taking place right before my eyes. I was hoping the morning sickness would have slowed down by now...but in all reality it hasn't! I have been spending a good chunk of the morning, bowing to the porcelain god! UGH!! I am hoping this ends soon.

I started seeing a chiro to help alleviate some of this HORRIBLE back pain I've been having! I'm serious! It is not good. I am having trouble sleeping, back spasms, the whole works! Some, seriously exciting stuff!! haha!!

Tomorrow is our appointment to hear the heartbeat. I actually heard it by myself last Friday, because I was cramping so I went to the Dr., and she found the little bean's heartbeat! It was the most incredible sound I think I've ever heard. I can't wait until tomorrow though when Josh gets to hear it for the first time. It will be such a blessing.

Well, I actually lost a pound this week, I'm sure thanks to the morning sickness and vomiting, but I guess at least I'm not packing on the pounds yet. I'm sure that is to come!! haha!! Eventhough I haven't gained any weight yet, it sure doesn't feel that way! Nothing is fitting and I just feel fat, but I have to remember this little baby is growing by the day inside me!

Well, as always, here are some new pictures of me. 12 weeks and down 1 pound from pre-pregnancy weight! Enjoy!
And of course with some clothes on! :)

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