Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day of love and romance and me being 28 weeks!!

I can't believe that 12 weeks from today I am due with our baby girl. The interesting thing is that in the beginning making it to 12 weeks is a milestone! It seems like it takes forever to get there. Now as I sit here I realize I only have 12 weeks left until our daughter arrives! Crazy, isn't it!! So as a flashback I thought I would post a picture of me at the milestone of 12 weeks and then post today's pictures with 12 weeks to go!! :)
So here I am at 12 weeks pregnant, there is barely a bump and yet I felt huge!!

And here I am today with only 12 weeks to go! Up 20 pounds
and a baby belly that can not be hid!

Here it is covered.
Here it is from the front, you can start to see my linea negra
(the blackline running under and above my belly button)
And here is a picture of me dressed for work...
not great, but I thought I would share!

I should also send an update that Amelia is quite active these days and actually kicked Josh in the face last night when he was talking to her! haha! It was cute! She also had her first case of the hiccups that I could feel. It was this rythmatic thumping that lasted about 30 seconds...It is just such an overwhelming blessing to feel her grow and move!

I can't wait to meet you, Amelia Rae!!
We love you so much already!


Kerri said...

You look great!! I can't believe that you're 12 weeks away from holding Mia in your arms -- your pregnancy is just flying by!

Owen kicked Dan a couple of times -- I called them "love taps". Owen would kick the midwife during my appointments and he hated the ultrasounds -- kicked that little wand around. He did not like being messed with!

Emily said...

You're such a cute mama! :) I can't wait to meet your little girl....soon!

Asher gets the hiccups & it's so cute...I'm sure it feels funny coming from the inside!