Thursday, February 28, 2008

30 weeks...WOW!

I can't believe that as of today, I am 30 weeks pregnant. I remember how excited I was when I was 10 weeks, then 20 weeks, but now that I am 30 weeks, it is kind of crazy. That means that I only have 10 weeks left, or 70 days!. Wow, talk about a little bit of reality starting to set in. Josh and I get more excited every day as we anticipate the arrival of our little girl. Who will she look like? How big will she be? When will she be born? Will she have hair? What color will her eyes be? These are all questions I tend to ponder more and more as the time gets nearer. No matter the answer to any of those questions are, I realize that in approximately 10 weeks we will be blessed with the creation that God has designed especially for us! Isn't that an amazing feeling?
So I as think back again about 10, 20 and now 30 weeks I thought I would add some comparison pictures for you! :)
Here I am at 10 weeks pregnant...
And again at 20 weeks...
And now here I am today at 30 weeks pregnant!
Up 23 pounds! YIKES!!
Here is the naked belly for you!
And here I am just before leaving for work!

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Wow, I hope I look as good as you at 30 weeks! :)