Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mia's Room

So today, Josh and I spent most of the day working on Amelia's room. It was fun and tiring all at the same time. I thought I would post some pictures of what we got accomplished.
I also posted a picture of what I'm looking like these days. I figured most of my pics are just belly here is a real one...and you can see Comiskey trying to sleep in the background!
Here is the closet system we installed. Hanging up are the clothes she already has! I think she's going to be spoiled...
I took the doors off and am going to make fabric panels to hang there instead of doors.
Here is a picture of the hutch we put together and another view of the closet.Here I am after a long day with Mia's finished crib and crib bedding!
Here is a picture of Mia's crib and Comiskey "guarding" it.
Daddy and Comiskey after a hard days work!
Josh has done such an amazing job and been such a big help doing everything I ask him in preparation of Amelia. I just feel so blessed to have a husband as great as him. I know that he is going to make an amazing daddy and I can't wait for him to meet the little girl he's been working so hard for!



wow Heather! Everything looks so great, Mia is going to be a true cute! You guys did a wonderful job. :)

The Chinlund Family said...

looks great guys!!! :)