Friday, March 07, 2008

31 Weeks!! We only have 9 weeks left!

So we've made it to 31 weeks, only 9 more to go. I still can't believe we are this far already. It seems like yesterday, I was announcing my pregnancy. We had a Dr. Appointment yesterday. Everything is looking good. Mia is a little bit transverse, meaning she is not head down yet, but that's okay. Her head is hanging out on my right side. My weight, blood pressure and everything else looks great. I have been getting horribly ill after I eat, not sure why, but they are just going to watch it, no need for concern right yet. So here are the newest pictures from yesterday, 31 weeks and up 26 pounds.

Here is the naked belly, everyone keeps telling me I've really "popped" this week.
The covered belly.
And the front belly...
my poor belly button is almost gone.

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