Thursday, March 27, 2008

6 weeks left!

So as I sit here today, I can only think one thing...HOW CAN I GET ANY BIGGER? However, many people have reminded me that I will indeed get larger over the next 6 weeks! My back has been killing me, I've gained 32 pounds, it takes a lot of effort to get up and down, put on socks, roll over in bed, but hey, I'm surviving.

There have been a series of events this week that have just reminded me how blessed I am to be pregnant. I know I say that a lot...but it's true. I think sometimes in between the moans and groans and complaints about weight gain, we forget to focus on the big picture, the miracle baby we have been blessed to carry. How can I really complain when there are still people in the world dealing with infertility, miscarriages and struggles? While all these things in my pregnancy are real and not always pleasant, I have been abundantly blessed after 2 years to be able to carry a child that God created just for us. I am humbled by that fact. I just continue to thank the Lord and am reminded daily that our God is bigger than everything...there is nothing too big for the God we serve. Miracles really DO happen.

So with all that are this weeks pictures.
Here I am from the side...the belly has taken on a life of its own and may need its own zip code soon.
Here I am from the front. I continue to widen out as the weeks progress.
And here I am before work...sorry for the double chin,
I don't think it is going away any time soon.


Kerri said...

I can't believe you have 6 weeks left....which means 6 weeks until my 4th wedding anniversary!!

Anyway, you look great! I think I was bigger than you at 35 weeks, and I only gained 12 pounds at that point. (Not complaining there!) And to top it all off, Owen was born at 35w 5d!! Can't wait meet Ms. Amelia!

michellelehtinen said...

my double chin hasn't gone away 15 months later...but you look great!! And gets bigger!

Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

You look great, Heather! I can't wait to work with you guys tomorrow. :-)

The Chinlund Family said...

Oh honey, it only gets worse (you might have three chins by the time she's born) :) BUT, you have the right attitude, it is such a blessing! And the second you hold Ms. Mia, you will forget about every ache and pain and it will all be worth it a hundred times over. I don't know if you knew, but I gained 40lbs with Caleb, so you still have 8 pounds to pack on to catch up with me :) Keep eating! Oh, and tell Josh that my back KILLED every single night (and I wasn't working or teaching dance), so you really aren't being selfish when you ask for another back rub! If men only KNEW! Geesh.