Friday, March 21, 2008

7 weeks to go...under 50 days!

So I am officially almost done with Spring Break...I have been off since last Friday and it has been a well needed and well deserved break. It's crazy to think that once I go back to work on Monday, I'll only have 6.5 weeks before Amelia's arrival! Wow, now that's reality hitting!

I've been doing okay, my lower back has been KILLING me. I am finding it extremely difficult to sleep at night and have now resorted to:
2 pillows under my head
1 body pillow between my legs and able for me to hug
1 memory foam pillow behind my back and under my hip.

So just imagine ever time I get up to go to the bathroom (Which right now is at least 3 times per night) I have to reposition all those pillows...Oh, the Joy! :) But I keep reminding myself it's all worth it.

I had a Dr. appt on Wednesday and all is well. I am measuring right on track and they are happy with my weight gain, which as of today is +29 pounds (I'm still enjoying that I haven't hit 30 pounds yet, though I know it's coming). She is still transverse, now her head is down, lower left and her butt is up near my ribs on the right side. So she's getting there.

Birthing classes are going well, we are actually learning a lot and becoming rather educated on the different medications available and birthing techniques out there. After class on Sunday, Josh believes that I can do an unmedicated birth, so that is what we are planning on as of now, but who knows what will happen between now and makes me feel great though that he has faith in my ability to deliver this miracle baby!

So enough rambling, here are this weeks pictures. Here I am from the side, the belly is getting further and further out there. It's hard to think that I have 7 more weeks to grow and they say the baby should gain at least .5 pounds per week...YIKES!

Here I am from the has definately rounded out, oh what I would
give to have my waist back!! haha!

And here is the covered belly...Wow that think is huge! :)
P.S. On a side note, I finally broke down and bought a nursing bra for 2 reasons:
1: My regular bra was so stretched out and I was having some major boob spilliage and
2: They don't recommend wearing underwire bras, especially when nursing.

So I went to Motherhood and had the nice girl help me find a bra, talk about feeling 15 again and trying to find one that fit...I'll spare you the details on the size, but I'll tell you, I had to go up more than 2 cups sizes, to a letter I didn't even know they made bras in...haha!!

Too bad you can't tell my boobs have gotten bigger since my belly now DOMINATES the photos!! haha!!


Emily said...

Can't believe Amelia is on her way very soon! :) Hope your spring break was relaxing & I will continue to pray for you...I can't imagine the pain in your back...but soon you will be holding in your arms the little bug that made all that pain COMPLETELY worth it! And a non-medicated birth...YOU GO GIRL! :)

The Chinlund Family said...

HA! I laughed about your boobs... I was the same exact way. You look so good, although I'm sure you are so uncomfortable... I hated being pregnant those last couple months, but at least you're on the home stretch! Let's get together soon ok? I miss you!


hehe, You are still looking good. Oh, and so much to look forward to. :) Im glad the birthing classes are going well and that you have such a positive outlook on doing it naturally. Its always a good thing to strive for. :)

Kerri said...

I feel for you Heather...the back pain, the ump-teen pillows in bed just so you can "sleep", the trips to the bathroom every night...I remember it all well! I also had a "non-medicated" birth, although mine was because the epidural didn't work.

Can't believe she's almost here! I can't wait!