Monday, March 08, 2010

28 weeks and 29 years old!

So today marked a very special day for many reasons. Today marked my 29th birthday. I can't believe this is the last birthday I will spend in my 20's. Wow!! Looking back, I never realized this is where I would be in life. I can't believe that as I celebrate my 29th birthday, this is the year that I will have been with Josh 8 years, married for 6 years and shortly after my 29th birthday I will become a mom to 2 precious children. I just can't believe how blessed I have been during my lifetime. I continue to be amazed.
This birthday was special for me for another reason too. My niece and nephew (my sister's twins) celebrated their first birthday today. It is so amazing to be able to share this time with them. We have started a sort of tradition on "our" birthdays. We are going to take a picture of the 3 of us on our birthdays to celebrate the very special bond that we have.

Here are me and the twins on my 28th birthday and their "birth" day.
Auggi on the left and Milli on the right

And here we are today, me celebrating my 29th birthday and the twins celebrating their 1st.
Auggi on the left, Milli on the right

The twins had a birthday party at Jungle Bungle and because my sister is so sweet, she got me my very own cake and sang happy birthday to me! It was great. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family!

This week had some serious effects on my weight! I'm going to blame the birthday dinner, trivia night snacks and other food that I've induldged in this week for the 3 pound weight gain. I know I shouldn't be concerned...and I'm not really, I just don't want to see anymore 3 pound weight gains in a week!
This past week I also had my glucose test and I PASSED!! YAY!!! Baby is measuring great and the heartbeat continues to be around 147. I am still feeling great and continue to work out with my Stroller Strides girls 3 days a week and teaching dance 1 day a week.
We also put up the crib and dresser this week. Josh finished painting the room and installed the new closet system. It is becoming more and more real that this baby is coming soon. I can't believe it.
Here are the pictures from this week. I decided to actually include one with my face!! haha!!

Check out the size that belly is getting

And the bare belly shot.

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STEPHANIE. said...

Happy belated bday! Sorry I am a little behind on here... :) I love the new blog look!