Friday, March 26, 2010

Infertility Ads That Hit Home!

I stole these from my friend's blog (Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Baby) and definitely thought they were worth sharing. It is amazing to me that after having Mia and being pregnant with this baby that the feelings of Infertility NEVER go away. I have been so blessed on my journey to have had Mia and to be welcoming a new baby VERY soon. Yet, when I watched these ads, my heart ached, the tears flowed and I saw myself and so many of my friends sitting on that couch having that conversation.

I have said this before, but I will say it again. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason in life. Infertility is something I wish I NEVER would have had to endure, but I realize why I did:
*I became a better mother, appreciating and treasuring every moment of pregnancy (Even the vomiting), delivery and my daughter. I learned to appreciate the very thing we had worked so hard to achieve.
*I made amazing friendships and strengthened other ones. I had an amazing support team, most of whom have now welcomed their own little miracles. These are the ones I laughed with, cried with and who listened to me vent at the top of my lungs.
*I learned to trust God with everything I had and all that I am. I knew that only faith would get me through this time...and it did.
*I learned to love a man more than I ever thought was possible. My husband, became my biggest supporter, loving me when I was completely unlovable in the midst of infertility, telling me he would love me if I could never give him a child. He reminded me how blessed we were to have each other, how love always prevails. And while the journey was not and has not been easy, we have a bond that can not be broken. We have been to the pits of hell and survived. He is my rock, my everything and the most amazing daddy and husband anyone could ask for.

Through everything I learned, and all the blessings I have been given, the reality still remains that there are those out there who are still hurting, yearning for their baby. I continue to pray for those who have not yet received their miracle, their healing in the process.

Just as a friendly reminder, if you have never experienced infertility or loss, you will never REALLY know how we feel, we can't relax, it won't just happen. Yes, we will cry and even become angry. It's not about you or your child, it's just that the hurt is sometimes unbearable. So if you know someone struggling, be supportive, let them cry and rejoice like you never have when they share the news of the blessing they will soon hold in their arms.


Cort said...

Now your blog is making me cry!!!!! I agree, everything happens for a reason. Even though I hated going through infertility, I know it was necessary for me, and I truly believe that one of the reasons I was meant to go through it was so I could help others through it.

Sunne and Sean McGinn said...

I took a test today...negitive. I had the stomach flu a couple days ago and I've had that "morning sickness" feeling all week. I though maybe it could be true morning sickness....double whammy. No baby and sickness. Now it time to go back to the store and replenish my stock of tests. Thanks for posting! Check out my blog

Alisha said...

I'm in the pits of all this again trying for #2 (went through it with my first). Although I'm sure those videos are great, I dare not watch them. I can't handle much these days related to this issue. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.