Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Single Digit Weeks Left

I have less than 9 weeks left before we meet this little baby. I can't believe we are getting so close. The nursery is almost complete. We just need to get a matress and a rug and the nursery is done. We are getting so excited.

I am feeling great. There are some days that I forget I am even pregnant. It was so nice this week, while I was driving home with the windows down, I thought "I should go running"...then I realized at 31 weeks, I probably can't just pick up and go running! Hopefully, I will be able to back into the swing of things quickly.

Little one is moving a lot lately, you can see the baby move all the time. I think it's awesome, Josh is still semi weirded out when he sees or feels baby move.

Mia is doing great and getting closer by the day to her 2nd birthday. She now sings Happy Birthday to herself and when asked how old she will be on her birthday she says "Two". Her words are becoming more clear and she loves to tell stories and point EVERYTHING out. She also loves helping mommy set the table for dinner every night. She is such a good helper (when she's in a good mood)! She has started throwing temper tantrums which is a real treat. She screams, flops on the floor and cries uncontrollably...sometimes it takes everything we have not to laugh. But overall, she is such a joy! She is full of personality and love being with her everyday.

So here are the pictures for the week. I gained back the pound I lost last week, plus 1. YIKES!! Oh well...that's okay. Here is the picture of my belly covered, it's getting big!
And here is the naked belly. Look how round that belly is!!
And one full length picture for fun. Also, a picture with my hair actually down. It's getting long!

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