Sunday, March 14, 2010

29 weeks and an exciting week!

Here we are at the end of another week. Today marks 29 weeks down and 11 to go. I can't believe we are getting so close to meeting this sweet little baby. Overall I am still feeling great, besides the occasional backache. I am still working out (cardio and strength training) 3 days a week, and I added in a yoga class once a week. I think all those things have helped me continue to feel as good as I do. It's amazing how 2 pregnancies can be so different. With Mia, I was still vomiting every day, and this one I am working out, playing with Mia and feeling great.

This week has been exciting though for another reason. Mia has been using the big girl potty!! YAY!! Now, it's not consistent yet, but 3 days in a row, we have had at least one time a day of going in the potty chair. Now, THAT'S exciting. She is so funny when she goes, she stands up, looks inside and we all clap and cheer really loud. Then we say bye to the pottys and go get our potty treat (a dum-dum sucker). I am pretty excited that we are at least making progress, especially since she isn't even 2 yet. I'm not pushing anything, but we are definately starting to encourage it.
The other exciting thing that will be happpening this coming week is Saturday Josh and I are heading to Naperville (Chicago area) for a 3D ultrasound of this baby. We are so excited to see what it looks like again!! We will share pictures as soon as we get them!

So here are the pictures from the week, I actually lost a 1/2 pound this week. So the weight is still looking good. Sorry for the no makeup look, it was the end of the night and I still fighting off a little bit of a cold.

And a close up of the belly covered

And here is the naked belly (you made need's pretty pasty white)

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STEPHANIE. said...

yay Mia! How awesome will it be to not have two in diapers! :)...and way to go on the changing cover! It looks great!