Monday, December 13, 2010

He finally did it

So it only took him almost 7 months, but Roman finally rolled over from back to front. Don't worry he isn't rolling from front to back yet, although he has done it once. He first did this on Wednesday, December 8th. My mom was watching him, he was playing on his mat, and then he did it....kicked hard enough that he rolled himself over! She sent me a picture and I was so excited. This feeling, however, quickly turned to one of sadness. If I was a stay at home mom I would have been the first one to see my son do this, but instead I was at work and missed it. I was then reminded how blessed I am to have a job that I love, where I only work part time and I realized that even if I was a stay at home mom I may have missed this. I could have been at the store, on a date with the hubby, running errands, etc. So instead of wondering "What if..." I decided to think "How amazing". How amazing that my mom was there to watch him, tell me, take a picture.
Roman has also started tripoding, and can sometimes sit unassisted, not for long and not well but he is trying! He was 7 months old yesterday and it is amazing how much he is changing.

Other quick updates:
-Still nursing exclusively
-I'm making his food and he LOVES avocado, sweet potatoes and squash
-He adores his sister
-He is so laid-back, well mannered and overall AWESOME baby

Oh, Mia...there is so much to say about her. Here are just a couple of things.
-The biggest one is...She is POTTY-TRAINED!! YAY!!! She still wears a pullup sometimes, but overall she is doing amazing
-She loves to do her prayers before every meal and nap and bedtime
-She loves to pretend, make believe and sing
-She loves her brother and making him happy
-Naptime and bedtime have become a fight with her (each takes at least 20 minutes to complete)
-She LOVES LOVES LOVES school. She can't wait to go and pretends to go while she is at home.
-Her vocabulary is amazing, and she is super funny (I know we probably think she is funnier than others, but that's the perks of being her parents)

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Kimcr94 said...

hi, i have just discovered your blogs am really loving them. I thought I'd put my wee question on a more relevant post: How long did it take you to lose your baby weight afterwards? - because i was 5 months yesterday and still haven't gained anything and i was wondering if it is as easy to lose it after having the baby? your kids are gorgeous by the way! x