Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mia's Christmas List

Mia and I sat down the other day and wrote a letter to Santa.
Here is what was on this year's list:
Cinderella (A BIG, GIANT one)
Ariel Doll
Buzz, Woody, Bullseye
Scooby Doo Ball

This was hilarious because she doesn't EVER watch/see Scooby Doo and has NEVER had gum.

Too cute!! I love it!
To see things through the eyes of a child again.

We have also been doing a countdown to Christmas calendar with her. She is so excited each day to take a number off and see how close we are to Christmas and Baby Jesus' birthday. We are making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for Christmas Day.
It is so fun to have her anticipate Santa Claus coming and talk about presents, but even more amazing to see her learn and anticipate Baby Jesus' birthday!

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