Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mia's room...A surprise!

So while I was gone at my conference in Madison, WI this week, Josh suprised me by painting Mia's room. I must add I have been blessed with an "AMAZING" husband. So I decided to add some pictures. The best part of the story is that he actually took 2 days off work to work on the room...then he fibbed and told me he got called into work...he even called my mom and had her in on it. Plus he has been REALLY sick. So he told me he only got the ceiling trim done...I was disappointed, but oh well. Needless to say I was SHOCKED when I came home and it was all done!! :) I love it. The color is beautiful and I feel so blessed that he wanted to surprise me! When he told me he hadn't gone to work after all I was amazed that he had pulled it off!! Well it was worth it.

Here is the room right before we started painting. The walls were patched. This is the old color of the room. Here is the old ceiling fan!I love this picture of Josh...he took it so I would have a surprise when I got home...He's so cute!
Here is the new color and the new ceiling fan/light~
I love it!!

What an amazing husband and father-to-be!!
Mia says "Thanks, Daddy, for working so hard!"


Emily said...

WOW! I love it! :) What a sweet hubby you have - we're starting to work on our nursery, too...can't wait to get some paint on the walls & start transforming it!

I can't wait to see your finished project...complete with Miss Mia!

Kerri said...

LOVE Mia's room!! Ditto Emily -- you do have a sweet hubby! Looks like he did a great job, and I love the color.