Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moving right along...24 weeks!

So here I am sitting and pondering the fact that in about 16 weeks I will be holding our precious baby girl. Isn't that amazing! I just feel so blessed everytime I think about those things. Well, we are moving right along and baby Mia is doing great. She is measuring right on track and all my vitals are good. It was amazing, last night while I was watching TV I looked down and could see her kicking (not like a foot coming out, but the skin would bump out for a second) it was awesome to actually "See" her move. Josh, on the other hand thought it was semi-creepy! I could see how that happens!! haha!!
I gained another pound this week, so I am still doing great, but definately noticing my belly growing bigger by the day.
Here are the newest pictures of me, 24 weeks pregnant!
And here is the covered belly!
So check back soon as we continue to update our journey, awaiting the birth of Amelia Rae Stocking~!

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Kerri said...

I cannot believe how fast your pregnancy is going!! You guys are going to be wonderful parents -- and Mia is one lucky girl!

Love the theme for her room, too. Maybe you could throw in some pink baseballs for Josh!