Friday, January 11, 2008

Ultrasound Results...Take 2

So we had our 2nd ultrasound today, and the baby was still being semi naughty...or maybe just modest. They can't be 100% but they are 99% sure it is a baby girl!! Can you believe it? Josh and I were shocked...I was sure I was having a boy, but sure enough it's a girl. I heard some stories though how ultrasound showed girl and they had a boy...but for right now, Amelia Rae will be joining the world this spring!


Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

How exciting!!! I am shocked too. I really thought it was a boy! I love the name you chose. I can't wait to meet her! :-)

Love, Shannon


Heather! I was waiting all weekend to see your poast because I was out of town. A Girl!! Yeah! a stubborn girl if that...:)Im so happy for you guys.. I am surprised as well, for I thought it was maybe a boy, but how fun is it to be able to make things pink now!:)...and by the way...Amelia is one of my favorite happy for you guys!

STEPHANIE said... poast!:) sorry